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新概念英语第三册-Lesson 25(词汇)高中

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  The Cutty Sark

  One of the most famous sailing ships of the nineteenth century, the Cutty Sark, can still be seen at Greenwich. She stands on dry land and is visited by thousands of people each year. She serves as an impressive reminder of the great ships of the past. Before they were replaced by steamships, sailing vessels like the Cutty Sark were used to carry tea from China and wool from Australia. The Cutty Sark was one of the fastest sailing ships that has ever been built. The only other ship to match her was the Thermopylae. Both these ships set out from Shanghai on June 18th, 1872 on an exciting race to England. This race, which went on for exactly four months, was the last of its kind. It marked the end of the great tradition of ships with sails and the beginning of a new era.

  The first of the two ships to reach Java after the race had begun was the Thermopylae, but on the Indian Ocean, the Cutty Sark took the lead. It seemed certain that she would be the first ship home, but during the race she had a lot of bad luck. In August, she was struck by a very heavy storm during which her rudder was torn away. The Cutty Sark rolled from side to side and it became impossible to steer her. A temporary rudder was made on board from spare planks and it was fitted with great difficulty. This greatly reduced the speed of the ship, for there was danger that if she travelled too quickly, this rudder would be torn away as well. Because of this, the Cutty Sark lost her lead. After crossing the equator, the captain called in at a port to have a new rudder fitted, but by now the Thermopylae was over five hundred miles ahead. Though the new rudder was fitted at tremendous speed, it was impossible for the Cutty Sark to win. She arrived in England a week after the Thermopylae. Even this was remarkable, considering that she had had so many delays. There is no doubt that if she had not lost her rudder she would have won the race easily.

  【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

  impressive adj. 给人深刻印象的

  steamship n. 蒸汽轮船

  vessel n. 轮船,大木船

  era n. 时期,时代

  Java n. 爪哇(印度尼西亚一岛)

  rudder n. 舵

  roll v. 颠簸,摇摆

  steer v. 掌握方向

  temporary adj. 临时的

  plank n. 大块木板

  fit v. 安装

  Equator n. 赤道

  delay n. 耽误


  1. impressive adj. 给人深刻印象的


  This is a impressive thing.

  His collection of painting is most impressive.


  impression n. 印象

  make a lasting impression on sb: 给某人以不可磨灭的印象

  have a false impression of sb: 对某人有错误的看法

  give sb impression that: 给某人印象

  impress vt.

  impress sb. 给某人留下印象

  impress sb with sth 用…给某人留下印象

  impressed adj.留下印象

  be impressed by/with 对……有深刻印象的

  impressionable adj.易受印象的,易受感动的

  2. steamship n. 蒸汽轮船


  war ship 战船

  sailing ship 帆船

  liner 大型班轮

  yacht 快艇,游艇

  cruiser 巡洋舰

  aircraft carrier 航空母舰

  3. vessel n. 轮船


  vessel(正式的词汇)可代替ship,boat. 用于文学体

  a sailing vessel, a fishing vessel

  boat 比ship小,可以替换ship(非正式文体)

  a fishing boat

  4. era n. 时期,时代


  era: “纪元”, 地球、人类社会历史上的一个很长的时期,以特别事物或发展为标志

  the beginning of new era 新时代的开始

  bring in /mark/create a new era 带来/标志/开创一个新的时代


  in ancient times

  in classic times

  Roman times

  age: (比epoch 与era时间更长的历史或另人感兴趣的)特定的历史阶段(大写,构成专有名词);也可以指个人成长中的不同时期。

  a stone age 石器时代

  the space age 太空时代


  the Elizabethan epoch

  5. steer v. 掌握方向


  steer: 驾驶水路交通工具,强调掌握方向,导航

  drive: 开汽车,火车

  pilot: 操纵轮船,飞机

  He steers the boat suddenly.

  He piloted his plane.

  6. temporary adj. 临时的


  temporary jobs / house

  temporarily adv.

  temporariness n.


  反义词:permanent: 永久的

  contemporary: 当代 的


  transient=transitory 短暂的,片刻的

  transient success /happiness/pleasure

  for the time being/for the present /for now 目前,眼下,暂时

  For the time being you will have to share this room with another person.

  7. delay v./n. 耽误,延迟,延期


  The train had been delayed by an accident.

  We decided to delay our holiday until next month.


  delay ,postpone ,suspend

  delay ,postpone 其宾语后最常接有介词till,until,to,for引出的时间状语,后面还常接动名词,表示“推迟”(put of)。还表示“耽搁,延续”,而且可用作名词。

  suspend 吊,悬,暂停,推迟(执行某规定,决定)

  suspend this law/introduction of the new scheme推迟执行法律/实施新方案

  The court suspended judgment till next Monday.

  8. tear v.猛的夺走,刮走


  The strong wind tore the flag off the pole.大风把旗帜从旗杆上猛的刮走了。


  tear……away (idm) 使勉强离开,使依依不舍,忍痛舍去

  The TV programme was really attractive. I could not tear myself away from it .电视节目的确很吸引人,我不忍心离去。


  Multiple choice questions

  1. In those times,sailing _____ were used to carry various cargoes from one country to another.

  a. vessels b. transportation c. steamships

  2. He can always ______ a conversation round to a subject he is interested in.

  a. control b. steer c. follow

  3.The old medieval castle stood on the moor as a _____ of a remote age in the past.

  a. reminding b. remember c. reminder

  4. It stands on dry land and _____ thousands of visitors each year.

  a. appeals to b. attracts c. catches d. pulls

  5. On June 18th, 1872 both these ships _____ an exciting race from Shanghai to England.

  a. set out on b. departed for c. entered d. went for

  6. On the Indian Ocean, the Cutty Sark went _____ the lead.

  a. into b. on c. for d. after

  7. Even this was remarkable, _____ the numerous delays.

  a. in respect of b. according c. in view of d. accounting


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